Gloom and Loom at BBG

Gloom and Loom at BBG
Artist's rendering of proposed development along eastern perimeter of BBG

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The ZQA Hearings: A Warning to Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo

Dear Councilwoman Cumbo,

As I'm sure you know, Community Board 9 voted resoundingly against the Mayor's rezoning plan, as did the vast majority of community boards across the city.

What has this summary rejection of the Mayor's plan achieved for us? City Hall promptly issued a pamphlet reminding elected officials that community board recommendations are only advisory, not binding, which is to say they may be safely ignored. Safely, as in legally, but not safely if you expect re-election.

The Mayor behaves as though he is starring in some demented episode of that old television show, Father Knows Best, only in this case, Father only does what's best for him and for the real estate developers who fund his campaigns, and yours, and that of probably every elected official in this city, yourself among them.

Now the Department of City Planning is leaning on elected officials like you to vote against the LOUDLY EXPRESSED conclusions of their constituents. People like me see the city we love disappearing, handed over to an absentee oligarchy who don't even live in more than 50% of the luxury buildings displacing our people and utterly changing the fabric and character of our beloved home.

The stunning success of both the Sanders and the Trump campaigns speaks to the FURY of the American people at a rigged and corrupt system. America is divided over the causes of our troubles, but united in our resolve to say, "Enough is ENOUGH." The anti-gentrification battle in New York City is further evidence of that fury, be advised.

If you are to have ANY chance of re-election, you will stand against the Mayor's plan as your constituents clearly expect you to do. Otherwise, we will work as tirelessly to unseat you as we are working to stop this pillaging of the city we built. The diversity of our people, of every color and from every walk of life, our dreams, our energy, ideas, hard work, commitment to succeed, is the engine of this city, not its financial speculators. Without us, New York will soon be nothing but an overpriced Disney-esque shopping mall for the global elite.

Stand for us, or be un-seated. That is your choice.

Friday, February 5, 2016

You can't blame the wind!

How dare they, whoever they are, blame this Tribeca crane collapse on the wind?? Wind had nothing to do with it!! Have you ever seen a coal tipple?? These things, wood and nails, bore thousands of pounds of weight and stood for a century: WIND PASSES THROUGH THEM. That's why cranes are made in essentially the same way. Today's accident has everything to do with failure to inspect and even approval for use. If I hear another word from the Mayor's office about "today's modern construction methods....."