Gloom and Loom at BBG

Gloom and Loom at BBG
Artist's rendering of proposed development along eastern perimeter of BBG

Monday, March 27, 2017

Threat to BBG Update: Cornell Realty Meets ULURP

Cornell Realty made their presentation to the ULURP committee of CB9 on Wednesday night. A strong majority of the committee and perhaps all residents in attendance are opposed to allowing the "spot rezoning" Cornell is seeking, one that would negate the single down-zoning that has ever been provided this beautiful neighborhood and done in order to protect the Botanic Gardens. Assuming the sun and the earth continue to have the same relationship, why would the threat posed by tall towers along the Garden's eastern perimeter be any less now than in 1991?

The lawyer for the developer tried to play it like his client has no preference as to whether Cornell would be allowed to build as-of-right to 6-7 stories or 175'(17 1/2 stories). Cornell further claimed to have no interest in the extra 15' it would get from participation in the FRESH program, though they reserved the right to apply for it at a later date. That would be after they submitted a shadow study at 175' when 190' is, safe to say, the plan.

The lawyer for Cornell Realty, Ray Levin was, besides dissembling, shockingly inappropriate in his tone, exasperated as he was with questions, which he belittled as he dismissed them. ULURP chair Michael Liburd felt compelled to remind Levin of the need to be respectful. Is this how Levin gets results for his clients?

Neither Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo nor anyone from her office was in attendance despite the enormity of the issue. I give committee member Tim Thomas credit for calling her out on it, for being conspicuous only in her absence. Looking forward to voting for Ede Fox come November.

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